Little Angels Aviary has relocated!

We would like to announce that our aviary has relocated the majority of its operation to Southwestern Ontario. This change has been rather bittersweet for us. While we are happy to expand our finch family to SW Ontario, we are also very sad to leave  Nova Scotia behind.   We will continue to provide lifetime support for our finches sold anywhere in Canada, and also hope to keep in touch with all our finch parents, no matter where they are. We look forward to the new adventures for our flock!

Happy Holidays!

Little Angels Aviary  wishes you and yours relaxing  Holidays  and  a very happy New Year! 

Baby zebra finches


Baby finches are almost ready for their new homes

We are very excited to announce that the first batch of babies will be ready for rehoming starting in early September. Please visit this webpage for details: . We have the babies with standard colouring, as well as various mutations including silver, pied and fawn. Please note that we ask all prospective buyers to fill out the bird ownership screening form.

Baby finch bonanza!

Lots of activity has been taking place lately in our aviary. We have several clutches now.  Tazz & Diamond, and Oreo & Sky have three beautiful babies each. Some of the babies have rare colour mutations, which occur through very careful breeding.  Zebra finches are dedicated and dotting parents. Because they tend to be prolific when it comes to breeding, it is essential to provide them with a stress-free and healthy environment. Nutrition plays a key role in ensuring good health of both the parents and their offspring. Check out our post about finch care and nutrition for more information. We are often asked if our finches are tame. In order to raise a tame bird, one would have to take the hatchlings away from the parents and handfeed them. We do not believe in taking the babies away from their parents - this can cause an immense amount of stress to the parents, as well as the babies. Handfeeding also has its cons, some of which might lead to the premature death of a chick.  Fi